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Wireless technology has made it possible to work on computers without having to be seated at a desk with all sorts of spaghetti wiring in your way. You can now enjoy the experience of being online, or print any documents and pictures without a single cable. All thanks to wireless!

This new technology though brings a new point of concern: security. Not properly setup and your devices and router first could potentially be accessed by strangers, neighbours, passersby, etc... Your personal files would not only be at risk but you could be held responsible for what has been accessed through your Internet connection, not mentioning the fact that your bandwidth could seriously be affected and slow down the speed of Internet.

At SOS Computer, our experts will come and setup all your devices wirelessly in a safe and secure network, ensuring that no one else apart from you and your family can access your own resources. You’ll be able to enjoy the true power of wireless without compromise.

Now, if wireless signals become too weak to reach some parts of your house or premises and you still require network or Internet access there, we can also fit special plugs which carry network signals to the most remote part of your home or office. Neat and tidy, these plugs will use the electrical wiring already in place behind the wall to connect a computer or a game console (Xbox, Playstation 3, Wii) to the Internet. These will avoid unnecessary long stretches of cables on the floor or in plastic conduits.

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