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Virus Removal

A relatively new threat has started to infect many computers. As you’re browsing the Internet looking for some inspiration for your next holiday or gathering information about your favourite hobby, a big warning sign pops up on your screen telling you for example, that your computer has many viruses or the hard disk is about to die and you should take immediate action . STOP everything: your computer has now been infected with a virus (trojans, spyware, adware, scareware) and your anti-virus programme is probably disabled as well as most of your computer’s settings!

Many people at this stage mistakenly believe that the warning sign comes from their virus protection software. Unfortunately, they follow the instructions on screen and give away many personal details including their credit card number. They’ll obviously get charged by the rogue software and worse than that, might get their credit card cloned or be victims of identity theft.

At SOS Computer, our engineers are experts at removing such infections and many more. For a set fee, we’ll remove all viruses and threats from the easiest to the most stubborn ones. We’ll audit the security level of your computer and make the necessary changes to increase safety and privacy of both your computer and yourself once you go back online.

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