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Laptop Repairs

Are you looking for a website that offers quality repair service for your cheap laptops and personal computers? If so, then you have definitely come to the right place. Here at SOS Computer, you are assured that your computer is in good hands. With our vast experience in the computer repair service industry, you can be confident that we'll be doing our best to fix your valued machine. Continue reading below to know more about us.

Our engineers can troubleshoot any hardware related problems that you might experience with your laptop computer.
We usually carry out any work at your premises or home so that if the problem can be fixed immediately you get your computer up and running the same day.

In cases where we need to order parts to repair the fault, we can arrange to leave you one of our courtesy computers, so you can still access the Internet and  your files  to keep you going in the meantime. We'll then arrange a second visit at your convenience to finish the work on the faulty machine.

Many of the laptops we receive have problems that can be listed in few categories. These are:

-Power issues
-Faulty screens
-Memory corruptions
-Hard disk problems
-Damaged keyboards
-Motherboard issues and others

If you experience any of those problems listed, give SOS Computer a call and we’ll be happy to assist you.

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