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Computer Repairs


Deadlines to meet by the end of the day, Important Emails, an Item ending on Ebay youve been trying for weeks to get. You turn on the computer but Nothing Happens. No Lights, No Sounds... Silence

What do you DO? Throw the Computer out the window? It may make you feel better but it certainly wont help you for long. Alternatively, Pick up the Phone, Give us a call, feel at ease knowing that our Engineers will do everything we can to get you up and running and get your data back as soon as possible


Our Engineers are experienced in all Hardware Repairs, whether its a PC, a Mac, or a Laptop, We aim to replace the faulty part and get you back on your desk in record time.


Most of our Work is carried out on your Business premises or at your home, This means that if we Can fix your computer immediatly, we will have you up and running the same day.

In Some cases where we need to order parts, We can arrand to leave you with a courtesy computer and immediatly recover those important files. So you can continue to Browse the Internet and continue working in the meantime. We will then arrange a second visit at your convenience to finish the work on the faulty machine.

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